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Platinum Brand

Black Pearl produces only premium quality, high protein, low carbs, low fat, shelf stable meat snacks and we are nitrite free! While we compete in the "jerky marketplace", Black Pearl is not "jerky". We are a premium quality "Seasoned Steak Strip". Black Pearl is more tender and flavorful than Jerky and we use only premium quality cuts of beef. We produce our products in small batches to insure that our quality is not compromised. Think of us as a "micro-brew" in the world of "macro-brews". By the way, we are inspected daily by the USDA, which means food safety to you.

Product Line:

Black Pearl produces a very diverse selection of flavors. Black Pearl is all about "quality and flavor"
Original: Our Original Flavor is a very traditional flavored meat snack. A little pepper, a little garlic, a little smoke and a lot of flavor! We rate this one as mild.
Black Pepper: If you are a Black Pepper fan there is only one way to describe Black Pearl's Black Pepper and that would be Yummmmm! We rate this one warm ++.
Chipotle: Our Chipotle (smoked ground jalapeno pepper) is one our most popular flavors. It starts off a little sweet and then about five or six chews in it warms up on the back of your tongue. The flavor in our chipotle is very well balanced and exceptional. We rate this one as very warm.
Teriyaki: It took us a while to get this one right. Black Pearl won't bring a flavor to the marketplace until we feel that we have it right. Well, we have it right; sweet, mild, and very teriyaki! We rate this one as mild.

Signature Series

Mandarin: Yes, as in orange. This has a sweet, mild, fresh natural citrus flavor. It doesn't always have to be about "garlic and black pepper"; and remember, it is high protein- low carbs. Unusual and excellent! Great chopped up in a salad. We rate this one as mild.
Black Cherry: You will not believe how cherry this is and it is a natural flavor. This one is a "you can have your cake and eat it too". This is sweet and very cherry and very good. If your are watching your carbs and craving something yummy, Black Cherry is it . You will feel like you are cheating when in fact you are eating high protein – low carbs. Great chopped up on a salad. We rate this one as mild.
Thai Ginger: How shall we say this? Thai Ginger is "Off the Hook" it's "CrazyGood" and it's our best seller. Just the right blend of seasonings and heat brought together to create a true epicurean delight. We have had customers tell us that they wanted to "lick the inside of the package" when they were done. We think that "says it all". We rate this one as OH WOW!!! We rate this one as, warm ++
Sweet-Heat: We do a lot of events and always get the question "what do you have that is "hot"? Black Pearl does not feel that "hot" is flavor and flavor is always our first consideration. Sweet Heat is no exception (although it is exceptional). You start off with a "nice sweet citrus flavor and then BANG, here comes the heat". The heat continues to build and you will be enjoying the effects for a while. If you are a "heat lover" you will love this one. We rate this as, "hot cha-cha".

No matter which one of our flavors suites your taste, you can be assured that you will be enjoying the very best in premium quality, high protein, low carbs and nitrite free meat snacks (or meal).

Black Pearl, "The Best of the Best"!